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Coming soon. Trisuit "Tri aero +"

Coming soon. Trisuit "Tri aero +"

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Immerse yourself in excellence with our “Tri aero +” trisuit , designed for demanding athletes aiming for records. 

Made from the most advanced materials in aerodynamics,  we have chosen high performance.

The ergonomic design of this trisuit fits the contours of your body perfectly, providing a tailored fit and total freedom of movement .

Flatlock seams and strategically placed panels reduce friction and improve air penetration and comfort, even during the longest events.

Thank you for choosing French elegance!


To get the best out of your garment, be sure to check the label inside before washing. Our products are made from quality materials; How you care for your garment is also a determining factor in its longevity.

  • Hand wash recommended or machine wash at 30°
  • Do not use a dryer
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not use bleach


-80% Polyester

-20% Elastane

Size guide


  Chest Size Hips
XS 83 66 91
S 88 71 94
M 93 76 96
L 98 81 98
XL 103 86 104
XXL. 108 91 108


  Chest Waist Hip
XS 33 26 36
S 35 28 37
M 37 30 38
L 39 32 39
XL 41 34 40
XXL. 43 36 41


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AEROTECH technology

AEROTECH technology is based on several key aspects which aim to optimize its interaction with the air flow. Here are the fundamental principles:

  1. Shape and Profile : Our fabric features a specific shape that reduces drag by promoting laminar airflow. The aerodynamic profile is specially designed to minimize wind resistance and reduce drag.
  2. The smooth area : The texture of the fabric surface is important to minimize turbulence and promote smooth airflow. The smooth part reduces drag by allowing air to flow more easily.
  3. Flexibility and controlled deformation : AEROTECH fabric is flexible enough to adapt to variations in pressure and air flow. Thanks to its controlled deformation, it reduces drag by minimizing areas of turbulence.
  4. Pressure Reduction : The fabric design is optimized to create low pressure zones on the surface, resulting in accelerated airflow and reduced wind resistance.