The making

With us, quality, comfort and elegance above all!

Because we care about the quality and performance of our products, we have chosen high quality materials and factories!

Our clothes from the “bike club” line are made in the south of France and in Brittany .
The know-how of our partner factories in Brittany and Marseille bring quality, authenticity and elegance to our products to our “street wear” line.

For all the “technical” part, our models are designed in the south of France, the fabrics are chosen with care and they are all European (French, Swiss and Italian).
For assembly, this part is made in Italy, Poland and Asia.
France is currently not competitive and sophisticated enough for the high standards we expect from our technical clothing.

All the prototypes made have not, for the moment, brought us complete satisfaction.

However, we are persistent and are always working on new trials.