High-end aero material “made in France”!

French aero material used by Jonas Vingegaard (Chrono) and Tadej Pogacar (Chrono and online race)

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Why merino?

Merino wool is very light and breathable, making it ideal for sportswear.

It allows natural thermal regulation of the body, retaining heat in cold weather and wicking away moisture in hot weather.

It also has natural anti-bacterial properties that help reduce odors.

Merino wool is also very soft and comfortable on the skin, making it very pleasant to wear during physical exercise.

It is resistant to friction and abrasion, which gives it longevity suitable for regular use.

Finally, merino wool is a durable and environmentally friendly material, making it an eco-friendly choice.

It is renewable, biodegradable and does not require chemical treatments to be transformed into fabric.

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This is our story!

Imagine becoming a grown-up. champion.ne when you pedaled your very first bikes...

Feeling captivated by a frenzied finish of the Tour de France...

Dreaming in front of a magnificent racing bike that is way too big for you or mimicking one of your biggest idols raising your arms at the top of Mont Ventoux!

This is the story of the little bike, the imagination and dream of a passionate kid who grew up, happy to share his world with you today.

And you, do you remember?

Make the choice of dream and passion, and that of French elegance!