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Are you ready to dominate every step of your next goal?

Discover your completely online cycling/triathlon coaching now: Designed to propel you to new heights.

Whether you are an ambitious beginner or an experienced triathlete looking for improvement, our team of experts will guide you through personalized and adapted training sessions.

Physical and mental preparation as well as careful monitoring will allow you to meet your new challenges!

Your goals are within reach!

Join us and get ready to pedal towards performance!

personalized training A tailor-made offer for you that is unique :)

Triathlon coaching

cycling trainer Review meeting with our coach (via Visio ).


cycling trainer Study your sporting past in triathlon or not. An update on your training (organization, conditions, equipment, obstacles, etc.): This is to understand and offer you an adapted and progressive approach for your future training. 

cycling trainer Determination of your objectives (short, medium and long term) and intermediate objectives for each of them.

 cycling trainer Setting up your personalized remote monitoring: determining your training zones and paces for each discipline, based on previous tests carried out or tests that we will put in place .

Your programming and monitoring will be done via the Nolio application.

 cycling trainer Weekly scheduling of sessions based on your professional and family obligations.


cycling trainer Readjustment of sessions if necessary during the week if you have unforeseen circumstances.


cycling trainer Monitoring and analysis of each of your sessions.


cycling trainer Monitoring your state of fitness (physical, emotional sensations and HRV).



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Triathlon coaching price Your complete and personalized follow-up for only €120/month

(Minimum commitment of 6 months).

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Online cycling coach Your coach: Sébastien STALDER                                         

Triathlon coaching


triathlon coaching His university career and training:

cycling trainer Bachelor's and master's degrees in science and techniques of physical and sporting activities "sports training mention"

cycling trainer State certificate for swimming activities (BEESAN n° 025-05-150)
cycling trainer Common core 2nd degree of BEES

cycling trainer Federal patent 4 triathlon (BF4) (DEJEPS triathlon equivalence)
cycling trainer Training in physical preparation (DU Dijon)

cycling trainer Certificate of mental preparation for professional performance.
cycling trainer Sports nutrition training by O. Bourquin.


Fitness trail :

cycling trainer 1 selection for the Swiss national duathlon team (2015), 14th in the long distance world championships.

cycling trainer 2 years on the French national triathlon grand prix (D1)

cycling trainer 10 years on the French national duathlon grand prix (8 years in D1 and 2 in D2)

cycling trainer 17 Ironmans on the clock including:
8x Ironman Hawaii (world championship) (4 top 100, 52° in 2014)
3x Ironman Switzerland (13° in 2011, 16° in 2014 and 12° in 2017)
3x Ironman France (25° in 2006, 13° in 2007 and 23° in 2021)
2x SUB 9 on Ironman (17th Ironman Florida in 8h53 and 13th Ironman Mallorca in 8h59)
2x Embrun man (13° in 2004 and 11° in 2009)

cycling trainer 1x age group world champion (20-24 years) long distance duathlon (2000)

cycling trainer 2x French veteran triathlon L champion (2016, 5th overall and 2017, 9th overall)

cycling trainer 2x French team champion (duathlon L in 2015 and triathlon L in 2017)

cycling trainer 2x bronze medalist at the French duathlon cup

cycling trainer 1x Swiss duathlon champion (2015)

cycling trainer Vice champion of France Elite duathlon L (2015)