Progresser en vélo après 50 ans

Progress after 50

Progressing by bike after 50: why it’s possible!

The body after 50 years undergoes transformations. He becomes prone to weight gain, muscle wasting, is more sensitive to pain and recovers less well. However, progressing by bike after 50 is entirely possible. In this article, we will explore four key elements to consider to achieve this goal: prioritizing recovery, taking care of your diet, working on your workouts and understanding the importance of strength training.

Hormonal changes

From the age of 40, and even more so after the age of 50, the human body tends to change. He gains weight, becomes more sensitive to pain , experiences muscle wasting and needs more recovery. These progressive physiological changes are due to hormonal changes , including decreased testosterone , growth hormone, and increased insulin sensitivity.

Testosterone, an anabolic hormone, plays an essential role in gaining muscle mass. Growth hormone is crucial for cell recovery and regeneration. Increased insulin sensitivity is the cause of weight gain, especially if our diet was not balanced from a young age.

The benefits of sport

It is strongly recommended to practice sport after the age of 50 . Sport promotes the secretion of endorphins, which boost the immune system , making you feel young and full of energy.

So, your lifestyle from the age of 50 plays a major role in your performance. Let's now discover the three keys that you must adopt to progress and feel good in your head and in your body.

Key n°1: Take care of your recovery

Cyclist Recovery

It is common to say that we progress athletically during recovery periods, even after 50, 60 and 70 years of age. Here are tips to optimize your recovery times:

The king of recovery: sleep

After age 50, sleep quality may deteriorate. Do not hesitate to take melatonin supplements, use essential oils, ventilate your room well, practice breathing exercises and prefer a book rather than a film before sleeping.

The importance of post-workout rations

After a session, it is essential to eat with post-workout rations. Proper nutrition accelerates recovery, brings your training sessions closer together, and promotes progress.

Take 1 to 2 days of total rest per week

After age 50, the body has more difficulty recovering, so allow yourself 1 to 2 days of total rest per week. These days do not mean an absence of physical activity, but a break from intensive training.

The practice of conscious breathing

Conscious breathing , whether through meditation , cardiac coherence or yoga , helps oxygenate your cells and eliminate waste more easily. It also improves mobility and flexibility.

The benefits of cold showers and cold baths

Taking cold showers or cold baths stimulates the adrenal glands and testosterone . This method can help those over 50 maintain testosterone levels equivalent to those in their 20s.

Key #2: Balance your diet

Nutrition for athletes

For cyclists over 50, a balanced diet is essential. Here are some recommendations:

Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day

Start your meals with green salad, rich in antioxidants, and finish with fruit.

Reduce animal protein intake

Replace animal proteins with plant proteins like legumes to maintain your prostate health.

Favor an anti-inflammatory diet

Reduce fast sugars , such as white pasta, white rice, white bread, and pizza dough, to reduce joint pain and improve the quality of your sleep.

Food supplements

Avoid chemical food supplements, but favor omega-3 and spirulina, rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants .

To avoid (or reduce)

Limit the consumption of chocolate, alcohol, bread and cheese, as they can contribute to weight gain and unhappiness.

Gain muscle mass

Cycling bodybuilding

To maintain your strength while cycling , eat enough protein and do strength training exercises. Strength training protects against injuries and stimulates testosterone production .

Key No. 3: Follow structured training

Regularity and progressiveness in your workouts

To progress after 50, increase the intensity of your workouts while respecting their regularity. Vary your workouts to avoid stagnating.

The variety of your workouts

Change the nature of your workouts, working on endurance, speed, resistance,

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